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Houseboat vacations are all about charting your own course. Your schedule is quickly reduced to the calm quiet of sunrise, and the colorful sunset over the lake. Days again become your own. Night skies return to the way we all remember them away from the cities – glittering with stars and inky black.

Part of the fun of houseboating is organizing your houseboat trip – gathering your family or group together and planning the food, activities and fun.

Did you know that nearly a third of houseboat trips are planned by first-timers? We’re here to help! Take some time here to check out the different lakes – each with a unique personality and geography. Some of our waterways represent world-class fishing waters. Others are known for vast, scenic beauty and all of them offer endless recreational opportunities – from hiking and skiing, to just relaxing and taking in the sunshine.

And of course look over the houseboat models available today. You’ll find a variety of boats, from economical and easy to navigate craft that are perfect for a family of four, to luxury models that sleep an entire crew of 10 to 12. And yes, some houseboats come complete with a hot tub, satellite television, and GPS. But, no matter which model you choose, all houseboats come with what you need for an extraordinary outdoor adventure – comfort and freedom.

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