FAQ For Advertisers

FAQ For Advertisers

When it comes to marketing your houseboat rental company, HouseboatRentalCenter.com should be on your short list of  lead generation resources. That is because we have produced tens of thousands of houseboat rentals for our member companies since our inception in 2000. Don’t forget, we are also part of the Houseboat America Network which includes HouseboatAmerica.com, HouseboatDepot.com and HouseboatTrader.com.

Please contact us with your houseboat rental advertising questions and we will help strategize an affordable, high performance program that will work for you…regardless of the size of your operation.

Please use the form below this FAQ page to contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you!

  • Question: How long has HouseboatRentalCenter.com been producing leads for houseboat rental companies?
    Answer: HouseboatRentalCenterhas been producing targeted leads for houseboat rental operators since 2000.
  • Question: How can I get started with HRC?
    Answer: First of all, it is important to determine what your level of need is. For example, how much available rental time do you have available? In other words, how many slots would you like to fill? Do you have boats sitting right now that need to be rented? Once you determine what your level of need is, then we invite you to look at our various lead generation programs. We can help you with that determination after you have reviewed our programs. Working together we can help you decide the wisest was to achieve the results you desire. Simply fill out the information request form and one of our lead generation experts will call you and discuss the program that might work best for you. It’s just that simple.

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  • Question: What about display contracts? I really don’t want a long-term commitment.
    Answer: It is natural to want to avoid a long term advertising and marketing agreement. The fact is though that in most cases it will do at least two things for you: 1). It will save you money. We can offer you a better ROI when you agree to market your company for at least twelve months. We can offer you an even better deal when you agree to market for twenty four months. In our experience, the best value proposition in advertising and marketing is to think in terms of one year at a time. This gives you the maximum benefit of our efforts made on your behalf. 2). The second fact is that it can take a while for your message to provide the biggest benefit for you. 3). Shutting down your advertising and marketing costs you momentum in the market place. Momentum is something you want to take advantage of. Think about successful companies you know. McDonalds and Coke come to mind right? Do you see them turning off their advertising? To be truly successful and grow your business, you need to think longterm, day in, day out display of your message and your company to your target market. Your target market is looking for companies to do business with right now here on HRC. Make sure you are well represented and that they choose to do business with you.
  • Question: How soon can you generate leads for me?
    Answer: Leads for your company can happen within minutes of your showcase launch or take as long as a week to begin to come into you. There are things we can do on our end to hasten your activity and we can discuss them when we are strategizing your membership plan with us.
  • Question: I like the idea of Sponsorships. Do you offer them on HouseboatRentalCenter.com?
    Answer: Yes, we do offer Sponsorship positions for select companies. The number of sponsors is limited however and is subject to HRC criteria. Our visitors love Sponsors!
  • Question: I understand that I get a “Showcase” with my membership. How does that work?
    Answer: With your membership, we custom build a showcase for you. Think of this showcase as an online brochure that hits the high points of your company. In this showcase you will have words that describe your offering to our visitors and pictures that show different aspects you would like to share of your experience. In addition, we offer you the ability to display a publicly hosted VIDEO (like on youtube for example) that can be like a commercial on TV for your company. We will embed your  link to your video on our Featured Showcase.

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  • Question: If I decide to join HRC, how soon will my showcase be up and operating for visitors to see and interact with?
    Answer: From the time we receive all of your collateral materials ie; ad copy, pictures, video, banner ads, etc., your custom showcase will be ready for your review within 3-5 business days. The length of time varies depending on the complexity of the work we are doing on your behalf.
  • Question: We don’t have a video. What do we do?
    Answer: Make one. You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to create a compelling video that will help you rent more boats. Videos are a fantastic way to increase interest in your company with our visitors and increase your lead generation and boat rentals.
  • Question: We are a timeshare company. How can you help us?
    Answer: Houseboat timeshares are embraced by the HRC Community. We offer various marketing packages to shared ownership/timeshare operators to increase awareness of your products and benefits and generate targeted leads for your company. Please use our advertiser interest form to get the ball rolling. We will be happy to help you with making an intelligent, well-informed decision about investing your marketing dollars to achieve maximum ROI.
  • Question: Our company offers charters and cruises. Can you help us with lead generation?
    Answer: Yes, we can help your company succeed. We offer a special section specifically for your type of service. Just contact us and we will be happy to welcome you into the HRC family with a program that will create maximum interest in your company and return maximum ROI.

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